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Middle School (6-8)

This stage of the educational journey can be intimidating for students and parents alike. At UCA, we help your students thrive during this time of significant transition. They will be surrounded by a supportive community and teachers who are rooted in their faith. Students will be challenged academically, strengthened spiritually, and encouraged to mature as children of God. We understand that values learned at school will influence students as they grow. This is why many families choose to enroll their students at UCA, knowing that their values will align with ours.

We joined the UCA community two years ago after searching for a Christ-centered middle school for our oldest. We fell in love with the school and decided to send our younger two elementary-aged kids to UCA as well…When I continually see what the kids are learning in their Bible curriculum, hear the teachers pray over my students at conferences, and watch how teachers utilize Scripture to coach my kids through their struggles, I continually realize anew that Christian education at UCA is so much more than simply education with Christian teachers- it is daily Christ -centered learning. We feel so blessed that our kids can grow and learn in this environment and we are so grateful for UCA!

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With change comes growth, and these middle grades are not lacking in either area. Students are learning to balance extra activities, more challenging coursework, and increased independence and responsibility. We nurture our students through these transitions, helping them form their identity in Christ, and challenging them to develop as leaders with Christ-like character.

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Your students will have big questions in their faith journey, and our staff is here to walk with them to find answers. Daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services provide ample opportunity for teachers and guest speakers to speak into the hearts of our students. Also, in the spaces between these opportunities, we guide our students to defend truth and stand firm in love.

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We offer a rigorous curriculum that will prepare students for the academic demands of high school. Core subjects cover Bible, math, science, history, and language arts. Students are also exposed to foreign languages, art, phy ed, health, and they can also choose between band or choir. Students will have seven class periods, changing classrooms and teachers for each one.

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We seek to cultivate character traits in our students that are not often measured or graded but are of utmost importance in the development of the whole student. These soft skills will help make UCA students stand out and help bring about an uplifting school culture. This helps students understand how to give and receive grace, and be responsible for the outcome of their choices.

Meet a Teacher

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Jennie Hohnstadt - Middle and High School History Teacher

"I love working with Middle School! There is such an amazing mix of eager learning and exploration of the world around them. It is a privilege for me to help them draw connections and engage actively in learning while diving into more about who God is. I have loved seeing our community at UCA flourish and meet each student where they are at while at the same time challenging them to grow more deeply into the person God created them to be. Each of our students is so unique in their talents, gifts, and personality - what a joy it is to see them coming together to use those gifts and talents as they grow and mature. "

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