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High School (9-12)

As the parent of a teenager, you understand the importance of the environments in which your son or daughter spends their time. At UCA we strive to keep students' heads and hearts grounded as they begin to experience the pressures of the ever-changing world around them. High school is when it all starts to come together and students get excited to explore what God has to offer. We equip our students with the knowledge, wisdom, and character they need to be ambassadors for Christ beyond the walls of the classroom.

What makes UCA unique is that we are Christ-centered in all that we do. We don't simply teach a Bible class, and take an hour per week to worship. We integrate Christ into every lesson, every game, every performance, every experience, every hardship, and every celebration. We are passionately pursuing the truthgoodness and beauty of Christ and His Kingdom.

All the teachers have poured into me and shown that they truly care about their students. You can’t get that at most schools. I’ve grown so much in my faith and built relationships with teachers and other students that will last a lifetime. I’ve been provided with so many leadership opportunities that have taught me a lot about how to be a good man of God and lead others towards Him. I was just a kid who was angry at my parents for making me switch schools, and now I’m on the activities council, ministry council, NHS, and I’m a house leader. I am so grateful for the man UCA has shaped me into and can’t thank the staff and students enough. I love my UCA community.

Tobias H.  

   Class of 2024

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Our teachers foster a love for learning and encourage our students to take it beyond the classroom. The curriculum includes elements of project-based learning, classical education, and student driven choices for assignments. Core classes include Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

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UCA students are equipped for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. They are taught how to think, not what to think, and can express their ideas and beliefs clearly. Our discipleship model grounds our students in Christ to recognize the Gospel message of salvation as the foundation for their lives.

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We seek to cultivate character traits in our students that are not often measured or graded but are of utmost importance in the development of the whole student. Through our high school program, students develop maturity showing that they are ready for the next level and excited to give back and disciple others.

Our high schoolers are faced with many academic decisions throughout their four-year career. We aim to guide them through the options, helping to set them up for success after high school.

Meet a Teacher

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Joe Hilgenkamp - High School Bible Teacher

"I love working at UCA because I love building Christ-Centered relationships with students as we challenge each other to pursue Christ and his Kingdom. My passion is to use discussion and dialogue to encourage students to examine their faith more deeply to help them know the Christian Worldview and why they believe it."

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