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Elementary School (K-5)

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As a parent, you don't want to have to choose between strong academics, and a community with strong Christian values. At UCA, a biblical worldview is woven into everything we do, which builds consistency between home, church, and school.

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During these formative years, foundations are built that will carry a child into a life full of learning. Starting with classroom etiquette and fine motor skills, then evolving through problem solving and critical thinking, both individually and collectively.

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We provide a strong community where, even as a growing school, we ensure that all of our students are known, and valued. Culture and community are fostered through rituals such as Big Buddies, Spirit Week festivities, chapel services, and more.

Groves Method

UCA uses the Groves Method Literacy Curriculum for our K-3rd grade students. This program is having a significant impact on our students’ literacy. All our teachers in these grades are teaching with high fidelity and the lessons are based on the science of reading. Groves is a multi-modal approach to teaching reading, so students are learning a systematic way to read, spell, form letters, capitalize, and understand morphology (the forms of word). In other words, they understand what prefixes and suffixes mean and how they impact base words. Groves focuses on the 4 pillars of reading: phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

All of our Groves instructors do daily small-group instruction to support students who need extra practice or those who are needing fluency practice. Groves is a three-tiered approach, so we also have amazing intervention teachers who are pulling students multiple times per week to give them extra support. This is having a huge impact on our students who have had Groves since Kindergarten and even those coming in new to the program.

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Meet a Teacher

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Jase Anderson - 1st Grade Teacher

"I love UCA because it is Christ-centered. I grew up in Christian education, and I know how foundational it is in your walk with Christ. I love teaching elementary because they are at an age in which their character is being shaped. This is the perfect time to teach them how to be like Christ."

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