Aviation Program

United Christian Academy is excited to offer our students an elective option in aviation. We are participating in a nationwide curriculum sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the largest organization of pilots and aircraft owners in the world. This year, United Christian Academy will offer the second- and third-year classes of a 4-year sequence. Students learn about the history of aviation, fundamentals of flight, space flight and actually go flying with certified flight instructors, earning logged time towards their own flight training. In addition to flight, students are introduced to all aspects of aviation-related careers. Airlines have announced huge, anticipated shortages of pilots in the coming years and organizations like AOPA have responded to this critical need with programs to introduce high school students to aviation careers.

The aviation program at United Christian Academy isn’t just for future pilots. It is a hands-on STEM program that will reinforce math and science classes. We have an aviation lab that includes three flight simulators, a wind tunnel, drones, and projects that use our 3D printer to build and test airfoils. Students will learn to fly by completing activities and lessons on our simulators and they will also learn to fly drones. Our drone program includes an introduction to autonomous flight and coding.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain a private pilot’s license before graduating from high school and they may choose, through online accredited college courses, to obtain a head start on a career in aviation. In our very first school year in the program, one student soloed before school ended after enrolling in Liberty University’s online aviation degree program. During the 2019/20 school year a second UCA student enrolled in Liberty’s online aviation program and completed their private pilot certification during the summer.

Our aviation curriculum has been designed to be flexible. Though the courses are numbered 1 through 4, there is no assumed sequence required. We recommend taking the intro year first in 9th grade, but the 2nd and 3rd year courses can be taken in any order. Students may choose whichever sequence fits their schedule best.

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